NYU Art and Politics Masters Program

NYU Art and Politics Masters Program

The M.A. in Arts Politics: An Activist, Critical, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

“The time has come to train unique arts activists–capable of activating critical and creative dialogue between art and the world, and committed to reshaping how art is produced, perceived and received.”

The politics that make art. The politics that art makes. This is an opportunity for artists and those working in the intellectual and institutional domains of art to enhance and elaborate the value and significance of their creative endeavors through intensive study, reflection, and engagement with the university and the world. Based at Tisch, the program combines a dedicated core faculty with access to faculty and courses from five different schools at New York University.



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  1. It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of snushine.

  2. “There is only one terminal dignity – love.” ~ Helen Hayes

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