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Martes 29 de mayo de 2012

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Mexico City (May 29, 2012) –The Party of Migrant People, intended to be a “useful art” project, was launched tonight at Casa Talavera in the Historical Center, which will be the headquarters of the initiative.

Just as politicians use art resources for their campaigns – for example in their videos – artists propose using political tools to influence social transformation, Tania Bruguera explained, the promoter of the project sponsored by Sala de Arte Público.

“This is why we call it the Party of Migrant People, using the language of politicians, so that they understand that we are a citizen force that intends to intervene in political plans”, she states.

In the face of the upcoming elections, a module for people to affiliate to the party and obtain a membership card was installed yesterday. With this, people will participate in a symbolic gesture next July 1st by depositing their vote in ballot box and evaluate migrant policies of the political parties that are contending in the elections.

Some of the actions of the group include voceadores, newspaper vendors, handing out information for migrants with tips about dangerous places or conditions for crossing the border so that they will not risk their lives.

Every Monday at 6:00pm meetings will be held at Casa Talavera where people who are interested can contribute their ideas on upcoming actions.

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