Ellis Island –Then & Now


Camilo Godoy in collaboration with Amy Gottlieb, Johnny Guaylupo, Ravi Ragbir, Gerardo Santana, Chia-Chia Wang

Location: Ellis Island, New York

Project Description: Considered as the “Island of Tears,” Ellis Island tells the moving story of the twelve million immigrants who passed through its doors attempting to enter the U.S. Now, almost sixty years since it closed its doors after admitting, detaining and deporting people, it is the site where the U.S. celebrates its history of being a nation of immigrants. Meanwhile, the U.S. government currently deploys an aggressive network of punishment to detain and deport immigrants at record numbers.

As part of Immigrant Movement International’s December 18 Day of Actions on International Migrants Day, Then & Now will bring together five individuals who will address their efforts to transform the existing law and policy regimes of the U.S. immigration detention and deportation system. The action will take place at the Great Hall of Ellis Island at noon. Afterwards, the group will read IM International’s Migrant Manifesto while on a ferry to Liberty Island.

Then & Now is part of the series On Liberty: Thoughts from the Prisoners of the Nation of Immigrants by Camilo Godoy in collaboration with current and former detained immigrants, activists, legal advocates, scholars, journalists, and community groups.

To purchase tickets to Ellis Island please go to: http://www.statuecruises.com/choose_tickets.aspx

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