Blurry Borders

Contexturas — Laboratorio de investigación, cartografía & gestión cultural: Mayarí Hernández Tamayo, Adriana Cadena Roa, Ginna Alexandra Zabre, Irina Georgieff, Sergio Anzures Juárez, Carmen González

Location: Cuernavaca and Tijuana, Mexico

Project Description:  Separated by 2,974 km, Cuernavaca and Tijuana can be considered twin cities in terms of migrational fluxes and cultural richness; at the same time, this phenomena has exacerbated racist and exploitation practices inside these communities that seem to forget their own migrational origin. While Tijuana is well know as a cross point for those who conceive the US as an economic mecca; Cuernavaca has become a “”secondhand paradise”" for those who failed on achieving their goal since hundreds of Central Americans have settled in its metropolitan area; or as a settling back destination for the hundreds of Mexican immigrants deported by the US Government.

This project focuses on mapping the demographic and sociological processes on these two spots by surveying and registering the contextual affections and cultural effects of the migrational phenomena.

Surveying process: 12/05/2011 – 12/18/2011.
Data codification and revision: 12/19/2011 – 01/31/2011.”

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