Agüita Curadora


El Salón Grupo Curatorial

Location: Barrio Chino, next to the immigrant statue, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Project Description:  For a cure to border problems in Hispaniola….take your Agüita Curadora! To scare away caustic perceptions of the Haitian/Dominican Other as dangerous.

Agüita Curadora is an action informed by Haitian and Dominican religious cosmologies. We will take advantage of the belief on the curating power of magic baths that are handed to sorcerers by divine entities, misterios, luases, or santos from generation to generation…orally.

Agüita Curadora is a magic bath created to scare away bad luck and to attract all the positive energy needed to wipe out border troubles between Dominican Republic and Haiti.

We, the curators, will follow an ancestral recipe when preparing the magic water.”


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