La lucha por la lucha


Esperanza Mayobre

Location: Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, NY; United Nations, 405 E 42nd Street, Manhattan, NY. A route between two points.

Project Description: Starting point: Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island.

Heading to: United Nations, 405 E 42nd St.

Distance: 4.39 miles

Sunday December 18th, Day of the Immigrants, one person procession starts at Liberty Island. Destination, the United Nations.

A person will be walking holding the flag of the immigrant’s. The flag’s pole is a mop.

From Liberty Island to the United Nations the walk will take 4.39 miles. When flag-holder arrives to the United Nations will stand beside all the other flags. After twenty minutes will head back to Liberty Island. Once in Liberty Island will make a loop and stay twenty minutes looking at the Statue of Liberty. Afterwards will head back to the United Nations. This loop will be repeated continuously.

The flag, La Lucha por La Locha, which translates into English: Another Day Another Dollar, is a self-proclaimed flag for the immigrant’s non-state: an undefined territory in which an immigrant will always be a citizen. The flag’s pole is a mop.


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