Faisal Anwar in collaboration with Vasl Pakistan

Location: Toronto, Canada

Project Description: Mycitystories is a multi-platform project, which explores space and location through the face of the people, how is it that we are connected in a global community? mycitystories questions how, in this hybrid age of globalization, we perceive our relationship with the city we call ‘home’. How does a city’s life, architecture and history impact on us, its inhabitants? What happens to all our unsaid and unspoken stories, which we all carry? We can be able to connect through our stories and be able to learn about a different world & different perspective. This platform provides the opportunity to create social change through ideas, stories, pictures and videos. You have the opportunity to engage and tap into the untold stories that each one of us carry? What is your story and how does it connect you to the global community, visit

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