Francesco Scasciamacchia & Gaia Tedone

Location:  Underground, Central Line, London, England, United Kingdom

Project Description: We choose to do a public action focused on the “equal opportunity form”, a standard document that is an essential element of all the application procedures when applying for work in the UK. We strongly believe that the ratio behind this supposed democratic inclusion is in fact an exclusion that is in contradiction with the notion of diversity.

This principle is evident for example in one of the multiple choices to fill: “Any other White Background”.

In contrast to this institutionalised practice we would like to propose another criterion, which interrogates the nomadic status of everyone living in this unstable and globalised society. So we include a new question: “DO YOU FEEL AN IMMIGRANT?”. This functions in multiple ways, as for instance: 1) as a provocation of the unequal opportunities given to the immigrants; 2) as a way to reflect on the mechanisms of power that let us feel “equal”– through this form – when in fact we are not; 3) as a reflection on the nature of immigrant labour and on working conditions.

The project would be a way to generate a reflection and maybe a debate on the fact that we are all, in a way or another, immigrants in this post-industrial era.

We will re-elaborate a pre-existing facsimile of an ‘equal opportunity form’ to which we will add a new question within the categories of races: “DO YOU FEEL AN IMMIGRANT?”. This form will be distributed by a series of volunteers and by us in the London Underground, to all passengers encountered from the beginning to the end of the Central Line. We will also be open to chat and discuss the reasons and the concept addressed by our project to all the people interested in knowing more about it.

Link: http://iherebygivemyconsent0.blogspot.com/2011/12/i-hereby-give-my-consent-i-hereby-give.html https://viewer.zoho.com/docs/hyjbcf

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