The Migrants

Franz (Francesca Zambon) in collaboration with Alessandra Baron, Alessia Fornelli, Altin Juncaj, Augustin Schoenmaeckers, Giulia Giannola, Miranda Zambon, Nataša Vasiljević, Riccardo Giacconi

Locations: Milan, Caton, Venice, Belgrade, Berlin, Brussels, Poitiers, Nyahururu, Vicenza

Project Description: No, it is not the name of a rock band of the 80s. “The Migrants” is a collective blog of migrants, for necessity or curiosity, expressing and confronting one another with precise themes.

We discuss together as individuals and as host country.

We try to face social, political and cultural differences through a cognitive approach and the vision of who has been living “hanging”.

Representing the generations that have to rebuilt the meaning of “home” and interrogate themselves on identity.

A blog as a platform, as a meeting point where different expressions and authors living and coming from various cities in the world, come together.

A blog attempts to ripple the informative apathy we are submitted to everyday from the major information references that can count on their determinative articles “The”,”Il”, “La”.

So, we also determinate ourselves by joking with the big headlines.

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