University students in solidarity with inmigrants (IM International Action)

Gerardo Muñoz in collaboration with El Comite Invisible

Location: Turlington Hall, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

Project Description: At the symbolic Turlington Plaza (heart of UF main campus), where more than 40 years ago students used to protest the imperial war against Vietnam, a group of students and teachers from the Spanish & Portuguese Literature Dept gather to participate in a spontaneous action in light of December 18.

I first gave the introductory words, by arguing a new political horizon against the present “”walling states”", and proposed thinking the new political subjectivity based on the global immigrant *(below). We had students from many different countries that shared their experiences.

Aseel Hawi, one of my students from Yemen and daughter of the eminent Yemenese poet Nabilah al-Zubair, mentioned the border patrol in her country and her experiences since she has come to the USA. She has been surprised not only by the rising of the right-wing populist movement in United States, but also by the feelings of indifference from the youth and university students. She argued in favor of a new youth participation in political and social public discussion.

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