La Diosa del Amor

Guadalupe Martinez in collaboration with Satyan Gohil

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Project Description: As every Sunday from 10am to 5pm I will attend my regular part-time job at Aphrodite’s Restaurant in Kitsilano, (Vancouver, Canada) where more than half of the staff is an immigrant from another city or country.

At 2pm I will ask each of them to write a note for me expressing what is it that he or she misses the most from his or her culture or home. (This might entail a person, a custom, a recipe, or it could be represented by a difficulty confronted in the current environment).

I will collect the information which I will accompany by a photographic documentation of the moment, and I will commit to study their cases.

I will invite them to meet up within two weeks at 2pm and try to fulfill their sense of longing by re-creating a similar scenario for them in this city.

The actions will be documented with text, photography or video, depending of the situation.

The action will be shared online, inviting other immigrants to come to Aphrodite’s at 2pm on December 18th and participate by dropping their letter for me.

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