Helen Hyun-Kyung Park in collaboration with Flushing International High School

Location: 7 Subway Line, Round Trip from Flushing/Main Street stop in Queens to Time Square, New York, New York, USA

Project Description: Welcome is a two-part participatory project with students from Flushing International High School in Queens, New York that utilizes immigrant narratives to activate conversations and new imaginaries regarding subjectivity making, rights to the city, and the notion of a cosmopolitical ethics of hospitality. This work will focus specifically on the experiences of migration from the youth perspective. A primary component of this project will be the design and production of a multichannel, site-specific public video installation that is experiential and participatory, and that explores the complex relationships between immigrant subjectivity formation, the personal process of making home, and the public process of making place in the global city. Workshops with students will also inform the second element of this project, which will be in the form of conversations as public intervention. Operating under the name Hospitality Services, this element will entail the design of a series of conversation-based situations with residents of Queens and other areas of New York City. In the form of a mobile hospitality kiosk hosted by immigrant youth, this initiative will stage public acts of hospitality and invite encounter and dialogue around the meanings of hospitality and inclusion in the context of immigration. Hospitality Services will also be included as part of the video installation, creating a dynamic and participatory space for viewers to join in on the conversation.

As part of the December 18th Artist Action for International Migrants Day, I will invite immigrant artists and students from Flushing International High School to participate in a public reading of a newly drafted bill of rights for the migrant, issued by Immigrant Movement International. As an international and multi-lingual collective, we will travel along the 7 subway line from Flushing/Main Street in Queens across the border into Manhattan, reading the document aloud in Spanish, Korean, Tagalog, and English. Along the way, the public will be invited to participate as readers and engage with us through conversation and the making of convivial public spaces.

Link: http://rilkeanheart.org/v_blog/?p=784

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