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Location: United Nations Plaza, Market St., between 7th and 8th Streets, San Francisco, California, USA

Project Description: The performance will start exactly where the United Nations Charter was signed in 1945, the United Nations Plaza in San Francisco. On Sundays, this is the place where the Farmers Market takes place. The farmers come from the North and as far as the South of San Francisco, from Fresno. Most of the Farmers are immigrants and seasonal migrant workers representing a rich cultural and racial variety as the city of San Francisco.

I will have a flipping “”sign”" with texts written in English, and Spanish: “”stateless-will work for visa”", respectively, “”desnacionalizado-trabajare para visa”". An appropriation of the “”homeless-will work for food”".

After interacting with the farmers, and reading the Manifesto, I will proceed by subway to the Mission District, a multicultural neighborhood with a large Latino population. I will end the performance on Clarion Alley, known for the historical murals, where I will paint a temporary “”surprise”" word in front of my mural that will be completed on December 17.

Possible collaborations: will update.


December 17th, 1986 – arrived from Transylvania, Romania after 11PM. Stateless – the Communist regime abusively took away my Citizenship
December 18th, 1986 – after passing through immigration points finally I was FREE, stepping on US soil – yes, it is my Silver Anniversary! (the Romanian Airline, Tarom, was still considered Romanian territory)
Fall 1991 – trying to do a project in Europe, I arrived in Geneva – arrested (no entry visa, and only a US “”Re-Entry Permit”", the “”white passport”") I am maybe one of the very few people who were ever DEPORTED to USA. :-)
December 17, 2011 – Finishing a mural, a double self portrait as sound – a list of 488 words missing from my Romanian-English Dictionary, mixed with the “”homophone”" of my name that means FREEDOM in Arabic.
December 17th, 2011 is the One Year Anniversary of the start of the Tunisian Revolution, the event that started the domino effect of the Arab Spring. Just another phenomenon and cause of large migrations of populations as collateral damage.

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