Guerilla Projection of Herzog’s “Stroszek”

Ian Deleon

Location: across the street from 8201 Byron Avenue, Miami, Florida, USA

Project Description: After watching Werner Herzog’s film, Stroszek, I was captivated by how the filmmaker was able to capture the sense of loss and disillusionment that can come with leaving one’s home. Towards the end of the film, the main character, Bruno, having left Germany, where he was being physically kicked around by thugs, laments that here in America, he finds himself being kicked equally hard–not physically, but spiritually. In the film’s final sequence, Bruno’s cyclical journey through unhappiness is illustrated in what becomes an absurd juxtaposition between a truck, left idling in a circle, which catches fire; a chicken who dances around inside a small box when coins are fed into it; and Bruno, riding a chairlift with a gun in his lap and refusing to get off.


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