Movement 4 Massachusetts

Kathleen Bitetti

Location: Outside South Station, Summer St. and Atlantic Ave. (at the intersection outside of the main entrance of South Station), Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Project Description: The Massachusetts Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) is proud to support local artists as they perform “Movement 4 Massachusetts” in honor of International Migrants Day. The piece will honor and celebrate immigrant journeys and will take place — come rain, snow or shine — 2pm to 3pm at the intersection just northwest and in front of the main entrance of South Station in Boston. This performance work is part of a global action for International Migrants Day.* This day was established by the United Nations on December 18, 2000.

The suitcase is the iconic image chosen for this piece. The struggle of moving a suitcase captures the very basic struggle of human migration. South Station is the performance site because of its historic and present day role of facilitating immigration and migration. The color red was chosen not only for its eye catching qualities, but because it symbolizes, among other things, courage and sacrifice. All immigrants and migrants must have courage and be willing to make sacrifices to undertake their journeys.

The conceptual planning artist team in alphabetical order: Genara Banzon, Kathleen Bitetti , Gail A. Burton, Fredo Conde , Ja-Naé Duane, Shannon Erwin (MIRA), Rinat Harel, and Mario Quiroz. (Bios on the artists team available on request)

How you can participate:
1. Help spread the word!

2. Come and wear red (and bring a red umbrella if it rains/snows)!

3. Participate in the performance’s movement component (bring a suitcase or help move one)

4. Help document the performance!

5. If you are a singer we need you to sing! (Contact Ja-Nae Duane:

For more info:

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