Pop Up Migrants

Matteo Rubbettino



Project Description:

“Pop-Up Migrants” is a compelling art show focused on migrants’ experience in Australia who historically “crossed borders” to a new environment where they were strangers at first, then disorientated, then little by little contributing to shape Australian culture.
The term Pop-Up is intended to recall the situation in which unexpected diversity intervenes to “shake things up”.

This project has been created to represent Australia for the action initiated by the Immigrant Movement International from the US and to celebrate the International Migrants Day designated by the United Nations.

All the artists included in the program responded with a work of art to the Migrant Manifesto, published on the 4th of November 2011.


NIKKI LAM (who popped-up from Hong Kong)
IGNACIO ROJAS (who popped-up from Chile)
FRANCESCO VICENZI (p-u from Italy)
MARIA PENA (p-u from Colombia)
CARMENZA JIMENEZ (p-u from Colombia)
KAWITA VATANAJYANKUR (p-u from Thailand)
CYNTHIA GRANADOS (p-u from Mexico)
JUDY LEONG (p-u from Malaysia)
ERICA TURSAN D’ESPAIGNET (p-u from Australia)
SIMON MOOR (p-u from Australia)
RAMON MARTINEZ (p-u from Venezuela)
HYUN TAE LEE (p-u from Korea)

and a few more TBA…

and with the special contribution of HAIDAR NOOR (p-u from Iraq), whose short movie “Show&Tell” will be projected during the show.

curated by MATTEO RUBBETTINO (who popped up from Italy)

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