Núria Güell

Núria Güell


Vidreres, Spain

Project Description:


Hello and greetings to Spain. My name is Yordanis and I live in Spain thanks to my wife Núria to whom I owe so much because if it wouldn´t be because of her i would still be in Cuba, but well, this is not the issue. I’m here in Spain for almost a year and I can not find a job so I rely on my dearest wife, this situation forces me to do several things with no right to claim like taking care of the cleaning of the house, cooking, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, ironing, walking the dogs, feeding them, shopping in Mercadona but I don´t think this is so bad, because she is in her right because she works and brings the money. I can not be against her or against of what she demands me to do to because in other ways, where I would go? I don ´t have a job and now is really hard to find one, i don´t have anyone and nowhere to go here in Spain. I have to do what she asks me: Like people would say I am laying at her feet and eating from her hand. Am I right in what I’m saying? Am I correct? Or am I wrong? Do you think she is abusing me? Yes or no? I hope your answer is correct, please help me with this. I send warm greetings to the person who is listening me. Once more I say goodbye and thanks for listening.

Link: http://soundcloud.com/ayuda-humanitaria/testimonio-yordanis-1

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