Pablo Helguera

Pablo Helguera


New York, New York

Project Description:

will be singing a christmas carol with modified lyrics, (Hark the herald Angels sing, but with lyrics dedicated to Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.)

I attach the song if you want to hear it, as well as the lyrics. I will sing it at Mother Cabrini park in my neighborhood, Carroll Gardens.

Hark! I hear the sheriff sing
“Death to al the Latin beings!”
Piss on law and civil rights
Joe Arpaio’s Ku Klux Klan
Joyful, all the racist rise;
Join the triumph of Fox News;
“Go back home”, they all proclaim
“Mexicans born in USA!”
Hark! The redneck bigots sing
“Glory to the racist king!”

Joe by GOP adored,
Joe the Arizona Lord,
torturing with brutal force
any Spanish-sounding voice.
Veiled in law, the Godhead see,
Hail the incarnate Klan chief
please make Arizona white
Jesus, just get rid of all!
Hark! The redneck bigots sing
“Glory to the racist King!”

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