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December 18

Open Invitation for Actions On December 18, designated “International Migrants Day” by the United Nations, we are mobilizing artists and cultural producers across the world to develop projects related to the issues and experience of migration. Through artistic actions, we want to help highlight the fact that human migration is an increasingly central phenomena of contemporary global…

Artist: Tucuman Arde

Tucuman Arde

“Tucuman Arde” is the name of a project executed by a collective of artists in Argentina in 1968. The artists conceived of art as an effective instrument for social change, and through the Tucuman Arde project they sought to bring the distressed social conditions of the Tucuman province to the attention of a large public. The project was conceived of as an intervention in mass communication, a circuit of counterinformation against the official one of the dictatorship.

A videotape about at the Queens Museum in New York resituating this important work in the context of Conceptual Art. In her essay “Escape Attempts,” Lucy Lippard had already pointed to the importance of the “Rosario group” as a model of a politicized conceptual art practice (in Ann Goldstein and Anne Rorimer, eds., Reconsidering the Object of Art: 1965-1975, Museum of Contemporary Art and MIT Press, Los Angeles, 1995). The catalogue for the Queens exhibition includes information on the Tucuman Arde project, and an essay from the 1968 exhibition is included in Alexander Alberro and Blake Stimson’s anthology Conceptual Art: A Critical Anthology (MIT Press, 1999).