The Worker’s Rug

The Worker’s Rug


Los Angeles, CA

Project Description:
The Worker’s Rug is a collaboration between Jade Thacker, Katie Bachler, and IDEPSCA, an organization committed to supporting immigrants in Los Angeles by providing job opportunities, creating alliances among day laborers, domestic workers, and gardeners, and offering a platform to end the exploitation of immigrants in the workplace. Our collaboration is based on establishing a lasting relationship to build a thoughtful space in order to make visible important stories and to honor the sweat of often overlooked labor in Los Angeles. The Workers’ Rug is a weaving together of personal histories. We will be performing the therapeutic ritual of shredding our work clothes, and then braiding them back together to add to the ongoing creation of the Workers’ Rug. Attached to each individual’s woven braid is a hand written story about an act of labor, and the emotions, patterns, and politics that these individual histories reveal.

With support from Folk Art, Everywhere/ Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA.


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