Tom Estes

Tom Estes


London, UK

Project Description:

Live Art performance: ‘Swampy’ at The Floodgates
Immigration is a subject often tinged with feelings which are both familiar and frightening; funny and strange. Through the performance ‘Swampy’ Artist Tom Estes adopts a role based on the all too human irrational fears found in fictional creatures from science fiction.

Ever since the first cheesy monster or goofy robot leered out from the cover of a pulpy magazine, science fiction has struggled to shake off a certain tinge of campiness. No matter how hard creators may try to tell frightening stories, that slightly ironic silliness is always lurking just outside the frame. There will always be science fiction which takes those little hints of camp and amplifies them a million-fold. A little campiness is fun to giggle at, but the ‘Swampy’ performance is based on frightening myths about the threatening impact of invasions by non-native or ‘aliens’ on the local population.

Animal and plant invasions by non-native or ‘alien’ species are often considered to be one of the greatest threats to the ecological and economic well-being. Taking on a persona reminiscent of the mythical ‘creature from the swamp’ Tom Estes stages a Live Art performance next to the River Thames- a traditional port of entry into London (and the U.K) on the 18th of December as a part of International Migrants Day.

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