Trampoline House

Trampoline House


Project Description:

Sunday, December 18 at the Trampoline House, Skyttegade 1, 2200 Copenhagen N:
2-9 pm: On the occasion of the UN “International Migrants Day,” artist Joachim Hamou, visAvis and Folkets Bio invite people, new and old to the Trampoline House to celebrate. There will be film screening, discussion, chill out, and food. The gathering will be streamlined to Creative Time and the Queens Museum of Art in New York City as part of the ongoing project, Immigrant Movement International (IM International), initiated by artist Tania Bruguera, who have called on artists, immigrants, activists, and interested members of the public to stage an action on December 18, 2011 at 2 pm local time in recognition of the concept of transnational migrants as a ‘global class’ united across continents and cultures by common political and social conditions, as well as by the human experience of being a migrant.
The language classes continue throughout the day as well and visitors would have the chance of learning Dari, Pashto and Arabic:
12-4 pm: Learn how to read and write Dari/Pashto with Trampoline House volunteer Rahim M. Naimi from the organization AYAD.
5-7 pm: Arabic language class for beginners with Trampoline House intern Rami.
*Photograph – The entrance to an asylum camp outside of Copenhagen called Sandholm, administered by the Danish division of the Red Cross.


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