Yeşim Ağaoğlu

Yeşim Ağaoğlu



Project Description:

I was born in İstanbul Turkey, but both my families come from different countries. My father came from Azerbaijan, my mother’s father came from Kosova. I am a contemporary artist and a poet. In the attachment I’m sending to you for ”International Migrants Day” one of my poem (they’ve arrived) is about the issue and two my works photo. One is trying to show on a Berlin map immigrants who came especially from Turkey to work in Germany and another photo on a Europe map immigrants who came to work from other countries to Europe to work, especially from eastern countries.

they‘ve arrived

they have arrived
having left behind their names and hats
they’ve arrived shattered in old ships
in the most biting hour of the night
their faces half covered in fog
with desolate cliffs on the edge of their mouths
broken mirrors in their eyes
they have arrived
their mistakes like leprosy on their hands
they had been pushed around and crushed
their ships were weeping from within
and I too shed tears of blood
the whole city cried with me
they arrived
they were the bearer of news from harbours of eternal loneliness

yeşim ağaoğlu

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