Luncheon at Incheon in Yokohama

Art Lab Ova & Mizuki Endo

Location: The Yokohama Hall of Paradise, 3-43-4, Wakaba-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan

Project Description: Come to the Korean restaurant! Let’s BBQ. and discuss about how territorial dispute Japan-Korea is going on.

Eating/discussion event at the Korean restaurant ‘Incheon.’ Personal histories about immigration of the restaurant owner and other participants will be all on the table with BBQ. Before the event, Art Lab Ova carry out a fieldwork in the Oki islands, where people strongly stakes a claim to Takeshima Island, even the bilateral relationship between Korea and Japan has been aggravated by the territorial dispute. (They will bring special fishes from the islands!) This event also questions the policy of Yokohama City under the name of ‘planning creative city’ such as gentrification, exclusion and re-formation of habitations. // Today We “”ART LAB OVA”" arrived in Shimane from Yokohama.

We will go to Okinoshima tomorrow to consider about Takeshima. This is snow crab season now!


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