Make A Movement

‘make a movement’ sundays

A community-oriented event series which takes place on a Sunday of every month from 2-5pm


November 27, 2011 : Immigrant Respect Awareness Campaign

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We invited community members and allies to the launch of the Immigrant Respect awareness campaign. This campaign intends to signal unspoken solidarity while calling for respect between people to facilitate an expanding conversation about immigration.

As part of the launch party, each participant was asked to write a letter to their elected officials asking for Immigrant Respect. The letters were then sent to President Obama, the participant’s respective senator and representative.




September 11, 2011: 9/11 (The War on Immigrants)


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The attacks of September 11, 2001 and the emergence of The War on Terrorism have produced aggressive networks of punishment, mass warehousing, and criminalization that deploy an unjust system of detention and deportation. Recent reports and academic research indicate that the U.S. government’s trend has been to increase the privatization of the detention center system as a way to increase national security measures. With the help of scholars, activists and legal advocates, awareness about the conditions and treatment of detained immigrants help in pressuring government officials to adopt reformative detention guidelines. To address this current reality, ‘Make a Movement’ Sundays: 9/11 (The War on Immigrants)” collaborated with IRATE/First Friends to train people to participate in a visitor program to visit immigrants detained at the Elizabeth Detention Center in Elizabeth, NJ. After the training the participants traveled to the detention center to visit immigrants who have been converted into prisoners of the ”nation of immigrants.” After the visitation, the participants made a drawing of an officer based on the descriptions given by the detainees of the officer who arrested them.




July 3, 2011: United Immigrants of America BBQ


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Immigrant Movement International hosted a “Make a Movement” Sunday: United Immigrants of America BBQ in celebration of Independence Day. The event was held at the Immigrant Movement International Headquarters. Drinks and hot dogs were provided as well as various foods brought in from different cultures.




June 5, 2011: Ghana Think Tank


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The Ghana ThinkTank Project collects problems in the United States and sends them to our think tanks in Ghana, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico, Serbia, Iran, Afghanistan, and others… They send us back solutions, and we put those solutions into action!
On June 5, the Immigrant Movement International and the Queens Museum of Art hosted a special session of the Ghana ThinkTank to focus on Corona,Queens. Using techniques from the project, new immigrants and more established residents talked openly about issues facing the community and how to address them. They  also signed up to be members of a new Corona ThinkTank.
Ghana Think tank project is run by John Ewing, Carmen Montoya and Christopher know more about the Ghana ThinkTank go to:




May 1, 2011: May Day Immigrant Mobile Workshop


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Immigrant Movement International along with Make The Road New York’s Youth Power Program gathered at the IM headquarters to prepare signs, buttons, t-shirts and stickers with immigrant rights slogans. We then rode the 7 train to the Rally for Immigrant and Labor Rights in Manhattan’s Foley Square while interacting with train riders about the topic of immigration.




April 3, 2011: Open House and Slogan Writing Workshop


(Check out the photos from the event)         (Check out the video documentation)

The first ‘Make a Movement’ Sunday consisted of an open house in which community members and allies participated in a slogan writing workshop. The slogans were then included in pin buttons, stickers, and tote bags. A musical performance by the Corona Youth Orchestra Choir closed the event.