Casitas Voladoras

Caleb Duarte in collaboration with Mia Eve Rollow

Location: San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Project Description: Casitas Voladoras. asitas Voladoras, “Little Flying Houses” as a moving monument, is an ever shifting temporal collaborative art project. It focuses on the “HOME” as a theatrical stage in the creation of mythical images as a way of understanding reality. It focuses on the ritualistic aspects of theater along with public intervention and arts education within community building. The creation of portable platforms as temporary sanctuaries, by way of community collaborations, has become the focal point of this “object making” practice. These sculptural platforms become a site for symbolic community actions and documents performances of moving monuments, which provide symbolic public protection to clandestine communities of struggle. They illustrate issues of human migration, displacement, and globalization, along with ideas of home and place within the current changing political and global economic structures. These performances also document our existential nature in finding place, meaning, a sense of home and purpose both in collective forms and as individual obsession.


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