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2011: El año de la acción directa (2011: The year of direct action)

2011: El año de la acción directa

Tras años de individualismo en el mundo del arte, del más refinado al más pop, y del largo reinado de la generación yo al amparo de Internet, vuelve el combate social. Creadores y activistas se enfrentan a políticos, banqueros y leyes. Sigue habiendo teoría, pero manda la práctica. La cultura pasa a la acción…

Laurie Jo Reynolds – Artist Shows Supermax Prisons Supercruel


Laurie Jo Reynolds - Artist Shows Supermax Prisons Supercruel

Two years ago this November, President Obama appeared on “60 Minutes” and reiterated his promise to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center.  This promise was seen by many as a first step to ending interrogation and torture methods employed by the United States government.  But as of July 2010, detainees remain at Guantanamo and little has been done to change U.S. interrogation policy. With the growth of supermax prisons, rising incarceration rates, and the influence of prison guard unions in states like California, prison reform is an issue the U.S. has only begun to come to terms with, both economically and legislatively…





el instituto, currently headquartered in Mexico City, is a not-for-profit organization that generates exhibitions, conferences, workshops, courses and platforms for other events. el instituto is committed to the exploration of the overlap between art, culture, politics, activism and human rights theory and practice, both locally and internationally. Having no physical site of its own, el instituto functions symbiotically, hosted by cultural or academic institutions, while also operating in less official spaces and capacities…

Domènec – Superquadra casa-armário (Super-size block wardrobe-size house)

Domènec - Superquadr casa-armário

Museu Nacional do Conjunto Cultural da Republica, Brasilia, Brazil. November 2007 Two prototypes measuring 220 x 80 x 65 cm each.
Wood, blankets and plastic objects A scaled down recreation of two buildings in the huge blocks of residential housing in Brasília, called “superquadras” or giant blocks of houses; designed by Lucio Costa. Made into prototypes of individual shelters for the “moradores da rua” or homeless. Project made for the exhibition Moradias Transitórias. Novos Espaços da Contemporanidade…

Ghana Think Tank

The Ghana ThinkTank
Developing the First World

Founded in 2006, the Ghana ThinkTank is a worldwide network of think tanks creating strategies to resolve local problems in the “developed” world. In our most recent project, we sent problems collected in Wales to think tanks in Ghana, Mexico, Serbia, Iran, and a group of incarcerated girls in the U.S. Prison system. The network began with think tanks from Ghana, Cuba and El Salvador, and has since expanded to include Serbia, Mexico and Ethiopia.

These think tanks analyze the problems and propose solutions, which we put into action back in the community where the problems originated – whether those solutions seem impractical or brilliant.

Some of these actions have produced workable solutions, but others have created intensely awkward situations, as we play out different cultures’ assumptions about each other.

It’s become a way to explore the friction caused by solutions that are generated in one context and applied elsewhere, while revealing the hidden assumptions that govern crosscultural interactions.



Link to Ghana Think Thank


Eduardo Costa’s Manifesto on Useful Art, 1969

Minerva Cuevas – Mejor Vida Corporation

Minerva Cuevas – Mejor Vida Corporation

Mejor Vida Corp. is a non profit corporation. M.V.C. creates, promotes and distributes world wide products and services for free, M.V.C. doesn’t discriminates any person for its gender, race, religion, sexual preferences or economic status.


Minerva Cuevas – Student ID Card

Minerva Cuevas – Student ID Card

M.V.Corp. has issued thousands of student ID cards. This ID has been approved by Carmen Macazaga Valencia, the University Extension Coordinator, who was elected for this charge by looking for M.V.C. initials in the Mexico City’s White Pages. The MVC Student ID Card can be used internationally to obtain free or reduced museum admissions, public transportation, travel accommodation, other IDs, discounts on airfares, as well as many other benefits.


Minerva Cuevas – Bar Codes

Minerva Cuevas Bar Codes

Cheaper barcode stickers for fruit and vegetables.You can request cheaper barcode stickers, just let us know your country, name of the supermarket, name of the product and weight of the package.


Minerva Cuevas – Recommendation Letters

Minerva Cuevas – Recommendation Letters
This is a service available in collaboration with certain institutions. Anyone can request a recommendation letter issued by MVC or institutions collaborating with us.

Institutions that have collaborated with us in the past to provide this service:

From July 13th to Septiembre 9th 2000, The Lisson Gallery (London, UK) collaborated with Mejor Vida Corp. and provided recommendation letters to anyone that requested them. Lisson Gallery
52-54 Bell Street, London, NW1 5DA
Tel. +44(0) 207 724 2739

From may 16th to july 29th 2000, The Gallery Chantal Crousel (Paris, France) collaborated with Mejor Vida Corp. and will provided recommendation as well. Galerie Chantal Crousel
40, rue Quincampoix 75004. Paris
Tél. +33 (0) 1 42 77 38 87