“noMad e” in Peace Island 2011



Project Description:

Concept performance by >melange<
for the “International Migrants Day”

in “Peace Island 2011”
curated by Francesca Pietracci

n o M a d e
like a nomad but …not a man for anyone,
like the land …not made for everyone
this is a group action realized by artists and spectators

it consist in a metaphorical journey that starts from the land of origin to arrive to the destination where the “player” shares the “manifesto” and contributes to the definition of a new world
the course aims to involve the actor and to lead him into a creative by a work in progress that ends on December 18 at 2pm, but that may continue over and over again

4 text panels (symbolically: the “origins”)
2 photo collages (The trip)
the “Manifesto” and its translation in Italian
a white bed linen (the destination) available to artists and audiences to leave a mark (building the new world)
photos and shots of the interventions on the bed linen
video of the reading
(in the editing, available soon)

Links: https://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.2571077028562.127927.1003320668&type=1

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