International Day Without English

Pedro Lasch, Xandra Eden


Greensboro, NC

Project Description:

Project Launch from IDWE Headquarters at Duke University in Durham, NC and Super G: Experiential Residency Program in Greensboro, NC.

The 2011 International Day Without English campaign will be launched from its headquarters at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina December 12 – 18.

In addition to what any other participants may be organizing around the world, a final launch event will also happen on December 18, 2011 from 1-3pm at the ‘Super G: Experiential Residency Program’ in Greensboro, North Carolina (*see directions below).

The event is a conversation about culture and migration co-hosted by Lee Walton and Donovan McKnight (Super G: Experiential Residency Program creators), Xandra Eden (Curator of Exhibitions, Weatherspoon Art Museum), and Pedro Lasch (IDWE producer and Duke University Professor). We invite anyone wanting to hear or share ideas, stories or experiences of migration and culture to this event. Please note that half way through the event, beginning at 2pm, some of us will stop speaking English to observe International Day Without English. This will also be our way to participate in the UN/QMA/Creative Time/IMI Global Action for International Migrants Day.

*Where: Super G Mart, 4927 West Market Street, Greensboro, NC (when entering the store, walk straight ahead to the flea market, the International Day Without English booth will be on your left in that section)


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