Thread Action

Poppy Jackson


Hove Beach, Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK

Project Description:

The sea is the edge and channel that links us to the rest of the world. This is a vast entity so loaded with the connotations of opportunity as well as threat for our small island country. I was in Hove, near Brighton, UK, making actions on the beach by tying reels of coloured thread to my body (particularly my boots) and then reeling the threads out and throwing them into the sea to be pulled out by the tide. The sea pulled on the multi-coloured threads that connected me with the unknown destinations the sea would carry these threads to. Many lines drew out from my body, being pushed and pulled by the waves and becoming tangled as they continuosly moved around through the stones, shells, seaweed and debris on the beach.

I became physically (but not restrictively) linked to the site, with the threads reaching out from my body, relecting all the possibilities of the world beyond me. I was attempting to link myself through this action to the participants worldwide making a contribution to International Migrants Day, all those who travel and reach beyond themselves, as well as all those who find themselves restricted by borders and boundaries.

I felt during the action that I became tangled with the sea as all these coloured threads were coming off my boots getting entwined with stones and seaweed as the waves came in and out making moving lines across the beach. At the end of the performance I put up a small sign post with the Migrant Manifesto written on it for the passers by to read.


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