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December 18

Open Invitation for Actions On December 18, designated “International Migrants Day” by the United Nations, we are mobilizing artists and cultural producers across the world to develop projects related to the issues and experience of migration. Through artistic actions, we want to help highlight the fact that human migration is an increasingly central phenomena of contemporary global…

Laurie Jo Reynolds – Artist Shows Supermax Prisons Supercruel


Laurie Jo Reynolds - Artist Shows Supermax Prisons Supercruel

Two years ago this November, President Obama appeared on “60 Minutes” and reiterated his promise to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center.  This promise was seen by many as a first step to ending interrogation and torture methods employed by the United States government.  But as of July 2010, detainees remain at Guantanamo and little has been done to change U.S. interrogation policy. With the growth of supermax prisons, rising incarceration rates, and the influence of prison guard unions in states like California, prison reform is an issue the U.S. has only begun to come to terms with, both economically and legislatively…

Milica Tomic-”Container” project

Milica Tomic, “Container” project

Container project is a reconstruction of an atrocity that took place in Northern Afghanistan, the massacre of thousand of Taliban prisoners of war by the Northern Alliance, directed by the American invasion troops. Taliban war prisoners were put into container trucks. They were kept without water and air for several days during their trip through the desert. When they started begging for air, the Northern Alliance troops fired upon the containers “in order to make holes for the air to get in”…