“To the Unknown Migrant – The 9/11 Memorial”

(“To the Unknown Migrant – 9/11 Memorial” The 9/11 Memorial, New York, NY 2012)

“To the Unknown Migrant – The 9/11 Memorial”

An event by Immigrant Movement International at NOVELLA GALLERY with Tania Bruguera, Alexandra Délano, Camilo Godoy and Benjamin Nienass.

As the United States marks the 11th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, Immigrant Movement International commemorates the anniversary with an act of honoring the unknown undocumented migrants of 9/11.
164 Orchard Street
New York , NY 10002

“To the Unknown Migrant” is a series of ephemeral monuments throughout the world at places where the role of migrants in history and society have been ignored, erased, distorted, abused and forgotten.  Leading up to December 18, designated “International Migrants Day” by the United Nations, Immigrant Movement International is mobilizing migrants, artists, academics, activists, and interested members of the public across the globe to develop monuments “To the Unknown Migrant” related to the issues and experiences of migration. These monuments will be a testimony that the poor treatment of migrants today will be our dishonor tomorrow.

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